A Pinch Of Hope

There are times when the world isn’t going with the flow of life. When all of a sudden, what makes you happy isn’t making you anymore. When all the hopes and dreams pass by and they just become memories. You expect for something more from everything. You do things you’re not supposed to do. Letting your past get into you won’t even make you feel any better.

You get to know all about the feeling of hatred, agony, jealousy and even insecurity. You want to talk about it but you don’t know how to or whom to. You don’t even think about it sometimes because you’re too tired to even want to know the truth behind every problem.

But just because you feel down several times in a row doesn’t mean there’s not a pinch of hope present in every situation of your life. You just need to endure every time passing for you to know the truth about having this one hope still hanging from the grasp of your hands.

Don’t you think giving time for yourself and not thinking about these problems won’t make you happier?

It doesn’t hurt to try.



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