Little Butterfly…

Freedom. It’s what most wanted. Like a little butterfly going up and down the garden, you like to wander new places. Over those green plants, old benches, high trees, black and gold fences… To see more pollens, enjoying them as if they were fairies in disguise.

Breathing the fresh air with the satisfying sound of it. The sky so bright you want to grab the floating candy clouds. Airplanes passing through them causing an illusion of a meteor on midday. Cars passing by like uninvited guests but are covered by the sound of birds chirping with the music playing in your head…

All these things are overwhelming that you don’t want to leave this beautiful garden with these beautiful things around it with the beautiful thoughts you’re thinking… All the thoughts that give you smiles you never attempt to make. You remember all the good things you would never ever tell somebody, not even your partner. Everyone wanted to catch you though, little butterfly. Can you manage to fly away with those little wings of yours when what you’ve ever wanted was to stay? Will you leave if what they always wanted was for you to go away?

The garden represents your life as a kid with all the dreams and things you’ve ever wanted. The relaxation is present. The freedom, the liberty, the possibilities. But the one catching you, that’s real life. It will run through your imaginations, your dreams hoping you would go away from your them and love your life as grownups… The choice is yours though. Do you want to remain? Or would go far away to find what’s waiting on the end of the road?



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