My Boyfriend Is Hiding Something…

He just admitted having something hidden from me since we were together and we just had our 1st Anniversary…

I was very shocked by what I just found out…

He has a blog site for his lomography photos and I love them so much I can’t help but post them here 😍😍😍

*Click here to go to the album*

You won’t regret. 😊



4 thoughts on “My Boyfriend Is Hiding Something…

  1. You were absolutely correct. Your boyfriends images are incredible (even though I had to look up the word “lomography” which was completely unknown to me until now. So thanks to you I learned a new word, and thanks to your boyfriend, I was introduced to a new aspect of one of my favorite subjects. Talk about your win-win situations. Many thanks to both of you, and we shall see you again in the near future I am certain.

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  2. Sorry, I forgot to close my parenthesis in the above comment, so here we are ), and I also forgot that since both you and your boyfriend appear to love photography at least as much as I do, I wanted to recommend another site where you can see photography that quite honestly always leaves me with my mouth hanging open in total amazement. Unlike WordPress, YouPic specializes in photography, and where I have just under 17,000 views on WP after 3 years, I broke 55,000 views of my pictures at YouPic in under 6 months. I readily admit that the reason I don’t use the YouPic site regularly is that I feel totally out-classed by the magnificent work you will find there if you are interested enough to check them out. The link is below, and this one did come from me, and it is safe to follow. (If you are shy about following links from people you don’t know – a very good practice – you could just Google the site yourself. It’s exactly like I wrote it. “YouPic”)

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    1. I’m glad you understand. I learn from past mistakes. And by the way I opened the link and I do agree the photos were astonishing. Thank you for recommending the site. I could really use some ideas to look on right now. I’m grateful for having to meet you, kind sir. There are so many things to know from experts. 😊

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