Let It All Out

A lot of things can stop people from letting their inner self out. Insecurities, jealousy, pride and hatred are some. They don’t contribute a good effect for people to share what’s really inside of them. They’ll always cause people to keep for themselves. And to not feel the need of telling anyone their problems (specially when they feel they are alone).

Having someone to talk to is one step forward. It keeps the voices inside your head to stop telling you to worry. If you don’t feel like telling anyone just yet, try starting a diary. You can keep them to let whatever feeling you wrote hidden or you can burn them to eliminate the evidence. (Just to tell you a secret. It’s fun to have something to back read on in the future. Trust me, I face palmed every single time). Or you go up the mountains with someone you trust most and shout what you really feel to let it all out.

Feelings change, everybody knows that. Be a better person and learn from your mistakes. Everyone gives opinion on everything you say but look for something that will help you rule out anything that keeps you in.

Most of all, be true to yourself. In that way you can’t fool anyone. Letting it all out doesn’t always mean faking your feelings. It also means embracing what you really are.

Ps. If all else fail, consult our Lord Jesus Christ. He has all the answers you need.

God bless.



5 thoughts on “Let It All Out

          1. Absolutely true! That’s why I hope I never give up trying to be just as good as so so many of the people who I have the pleasure of seeing each and every day here at WordPress, yourself included.

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