5 Things You Need To Remember Everyday

Remember the time when you keep yourself down because of something you did or didn’t do? How about thinking that you are not good enough for others? That you are the odd one out. You always get discouraged.

Here are some things to remember every time you’ve let your cool down and easily accept every criticisms they throw at you…

1. You are beautiful inside and out.

You shouldn’t compare yourself to others because you are a different kind of beauty. Everybody has it.

2. You don’t need to copy others just to prove yourself you belong.

Being your true self is one of the best and satisfying thing you could ever do to yourself. Not only because you’ll be free from pretending but because it’ll make you unique.

3. Being different is not bad.

Opposite attracts. Once you see your true self, you can collaborate with other talents. Other characters. It’s fun, you know. Having a part with the group.

4. Accept criticisms as compliments.

Remember the time you were told something so harsh you still keep it inside you now? Well who won? They’re not the one who has improved.

5. Pray

You won’t and you can’t guide your own self every single time. You have to talk to God about everything and every questions will be answered. Give Him all the praise and credits. Praying is one step closer to God and His glory.

Have a nice day to everyone. God bless




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