Hair Hacks (Cutting)

Are you tired of getting that same hair style over and over again?

How about that bump in you hair when you wake up because you forgot to remove your pigtail the night before?

Is your hair not perfect and it’s very dry?

How about wanting to know if there are any chances having that wavy look?

And the curls you want doesn’t stay in place?

Some hacks you need to know (you don’t need to go to the parlor)


1. Don’t be afraid to use your own hands to cut those hair out.

     a. Shaggy hair: Damp your hair and brush it while putting it in front of your face. Grab the scissors and cut it all through in a good line. Don’t worry about making mistakes because it’s prettier having it messed up.

(tip: the length depends on how far or how near your hair is to your face.)

     b. Straight cut: Tie your hair just across your neck. Drag the pigtail down and until at least 1 inch to the tips of your hair and leave it hanging. Put it at the side of your shoulder. (If it’s lose, try to keep it tight) Grab the scissors and do a quick trim at the tips of your hair in an arch way. Remove the tie and sway.

          (tip: use a straight clip for better result)

     c. Trimming split ends: Spin your hair strands tight and begin cutting the bad ends out. No more split ends, less hair cut.

          (based on some video I’ve searched on the internet.)


Don’t worry. It’s will grow. Just wait. A little bit longer. Yeah, I know 😥

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy. More on hair hacks coming.



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