Long Hair Hacks (Curls)

Having difficulties on how to style your hair today?

Or do you always need someone to curl your locks for you?

Do you want natural, big or small waves?


Let’s begin…
Optional: Apply hair treatment such as heat repentance or something that’ll protect your hair from heat. Try to search on the internet how to do such things. 🙂

Long and Curly Hacks

1. Take a bow. (Seriously) Brush your hair down and tie it with a band, tight. Get up and start to curl your hair with a curling/straightening iron. Do it little by little, until you’re done. Remove the band and whip your hair back and forth.

          (tip: you can spray leave-on conditioner on your hair or you can apply sprayers, if there are such things.)

               (This was based on diply.com)

2. Divide your hair vertically in two. Tie the other side, which you don’t curl yet. Divide the other side horizontally and tie the upper part so that you can start from the bottom. Just curl the rest and untie the upper part and start to curl. Vice versa.

          (tip: your curl depends on how hard, how soft, how long or how soon you remove the iron.)

Tied Curls

1. Tie your hair in a pigtail. Remove your baby hairs, bangs or something from the tie. Start to curl your hair at your back and just sit it there and proceed to curl your bangs and on the side of your hair.

          (tip: loosen your pigtail before curling)

               (based on YouTube)

2. Curl your hair first. (Instructions from the top). Grab a small group of hair and braid it down. After braiding, tie all your hair up and loosen it.

          (tip: to loosen it up, grab a spoon or anything compatible. Insert the handle horizontally and shake it a bit. Tighten up the pigtail and remove the spoon.)

Thank you for reading. Hope you enjoy it and see you on the next chapter.

Up next: It’s all about heatless curls.

PS. I’m updating on Thursdays. More on thoughts and a bit of hacks coming. Enjoy and God bless!



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