About Me

Hello everyone, thanks for stopping by my own personal page. Jeiv Reyes, 21-year-old aspiring Writer and Photographer. Petite girl with a big heart (not in a bad way). I live here in Italy for 4 years and it helped a lot about thinking what I like with my life. I had my first blog site in February 2016 (I was very curious about blogs and how it functions and the endless possibilities of articles to be published online) and fell in love with it and the sensations. I like going out to make fun stuff, longboarding (I love LONGBOARDS), eating, having a road trip with my boyfriend, do Photography or even make a Short Film. But most of all I’m more likely found at home watching on Netflix and Youtube, playing with my cat (btw, I’m a dog and cat person), reading books and articles, blogging stuff, scrolling feeds and writing. (Find someone who dsc03192can do both. *wink*)

I am adventurous in a way I think some won’t understand. I consider myself an Introvert. I’m more energized alone and having a blanket all over me while watching films or reading books (with my purring cat lying on my stomach and his tail wiggling). I love riding on motorbikes and having a helmet on my head. In that case, no one can see or hear me while I laugh so hard at what my funny boyfriend said.

When I was young, I love writing in my journal what happened every day. Even with my twisted English, I was very happy and very content every time I write. Now, I can also publish my works and I can express myself freely in every article I write. Just think about the possibilities in life and make more out of it. Don’t wish more than you can handle. Being content is a gift. Have a nice day! ^_^