I was suicidal. I hated myself. I hated everybody. Yes, that was no joke. When I thought of it now, I believed it was crazy. But I’ve been there. Then, it was the only solution. I believed no one wanted me. I doubted myself. I denied every beautiful thing I carry. My family didn’t know … More Cornered

Pessimistic Thinking

Pessimist meaning: belief in a bad outcome. synonyms: cynicism, despair, distrust, gloom, grief, helplessness, melancholy, sadness, unhappiness, dejection, depression, despondency, dyspepsia, gloominess, glumness, dark side, dim view, an expectation of worst, gloomy outlook, low spirits. Disclaimer! Inspired by Giacomo Leopardi – from the Italian Literature Wondering in a beautiful garden, yet the grass I walk … More Pessimistic Thinking


Un uomo dentro il pullman: “Ragazze, non si mette i piedi alle sedie. Dovete avere un po’ di serietà, eh.” Mentre sta buttando un pezzo di plastica fuori la finestra. *Face Palm*

My Videos

These are some of the videos I’ve been posting on YouTube and Facebook. I am planning to make a good collection of videos and films I have made.

Sila Man Ay May Toyo

May mga tao talaga na mahilig mang torture. Mahilig mang asar, mambola, mangulit. ‘Di sila tumitigil hangga’t kaya nilang mang badtrip ng kapwa nila tao. Hindi man nila sinasadya, magiging asar pa din sila sa’yo. Bakit nga ba ganon? Dahil ba masaya sila sa nakakapagpabagabag na lagim nilang ugali? (siguro) Dahil ba mahilig lang talaga silang manggulo … More Sila Man Ay May Toyo