Getting Ideas for Bucket List

This page is going to be updated within a moment of time.

I’ve been looking for activities to add-on my Bucket List and I found these:

  1. Be Yourself
  2. Redecorate room in your-way
  3. Say yes to something that scares you
  4. Do something for yourself
  5. Learn to cook the dish that you like
  6. Try food you’ve never heard of
  7. Learn basics of a foreign language
  8. Write your dreams and save it
  9. Have a conversation with a stranger
  10. Travel with loved ones
  11. Make a scrapbook
  12. Drastically change your look
  13. Drive a truck
  14. Write a book
  15. Make a wacky picture for every party you go to

If anyone have something to recommend, comment down below and enjoy!

Here are the Best on the list on the poll result (09 March) on my project:

  1. Do a hair makeover
  2. Make a crowd laugh without talking
  3. Write a silly book
  4. Try red lipstick for a week
  5. Make a DIY phone cover
  6. Laugh out loud (suggested)

Try some out and have a nice day! 🙂


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