Where It All Begun…

Every story has its own beginning. Some are from mistakes. Some are by accident. Some are by experience. Some just appeared from nowhere. My childhood begun with stories: parable, proverbs, fantasy, psalms, songs, educational, and most especially, biblical.

A love for words came to me. I’ve written my thoughts about what is happening every day through a secret diary which I hid from my family. Yes, I was so secretive that no one has ever read it except a friend of mine who, of course, forced me to do it. I read a lot from posts to humor, articles, books and more. I love inspirational stories and topics. They make me want to read more. One day as I was reading a book online, I thought… “What if I write something and publish it online?” The thought must have unlocked something inside me and that’s how it all started.

Like anyone with a passion for words, I’m looking forward for posting more on my thoughts about life and how I see it. Some about hacks and miscellaneous things. Let’s beat these life’s games together. Stay tuned!

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